Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I went on a great Marin Headlands loop today with Dan. The weather decided to play nice and the conditions were great. Wet with some standing water but you just ended up muddy not cold. The ride went better than a week ago in "storm warning" weather. I like this ride, about 2 hrs with 4 solid climbs and the desent on Old Springs Trail is awsome. I had to post a pic of the single speed. This is one trick bike, I can feel the Mojo returning with every ride. If you have been thinking about a single speed do it-

I guess it's true.... If it doen't kill you.... you do get stronger ;) Posted by Picasa


Blogger cyclocrossboy said...

once the season is over, I'm thinking about turning my K2 into a single speed cross bike...any suggestions on ratio for cross?

Blogger isaiasjob said...

that's a sweet looking SS. I've always been a fan of the agressively sloped top tube. And I've been hella curious to try out a 29er. What kinda gearing are you running on that bad boy? And do you know how it translate to gearing on a regular old 26er?


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