Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not quite a CX race but.....

Well at 6:45 am this morning Geoff called me and we agreed to pass on the 2 hr drive to Monterey in storm warning weather. I was disappointed to miss the CCCX race but it was to much to deal with. Neither Geoff nor I were in any points race so, no go.....

I went back to sleep but I was a little pissed about missing the race. I wanted to get in a ride. Well... rain isn't going to keep me from riding so I decided to pull out the single speed mtb and hit the Marin headlands solo. Going over the Golden Gate Bridge I was getting blown around a lot. I started thinking maybe it wasn't a good idea to be out. Pish- Posh!

I got up to the first bend on the pavement climb where it is normally windy, turned the corner and WHAM! I almost got blown over. I had to pull off the road and re-think the ride.

Not to be denied my ride, I waited a few minutes till the wind died down a bit and took off up the remainder of the climb. Phew... I made it to the junction that drops into the valley, where the wind would not be such a factor.

It was great. Nobody else was out and I had the trail to myself. Climbing up Miwok my legs were feeling pretty shredded from yesterdays' race and I had to take it pretty slow, but managed and dropped down Old Springs Rd. to Tennessee Valley. From there I decided to spin the road home. I was really hungry by this point and ate everything I had brought with me. On the way home I stopped at Starbucks for a doppio esspresso and a muffin. Yum! Then labored the rest of the way home.

This was as good a replacement for the CCCX race as I could imagine. Extreme conditions (rain and wind) 40Km ride with 3 solid climbs, in 2 hrs w/ an avg speed of 13 mph. I was happy it wasn't to cold. I'm tired but feel better about missing the race......

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right ?


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