Saturday, January 28, 2006

Good road bike...Nice road bike...Fast road bike!

The San Lorenzo

Well, not to to much going on this week (rest week). I opted not to do the Early Bird RR and the last official CX race is tomorrow down in Santa Cruz, which I'm not going to do. I've hung up the 700C knobbies till Oct. The ("05" B) CX season went pretty good and is now past tense. I'm moving up again and have my new CX"2" designation and will race Elite(Pro) men later this year. It will probley be the hardest endeavor I have ever taken on. I will be thinking about this all road season when the going gets tough. I like racing in general but my heart in really in cross.

I am now focused on the road bike which has been treating me well in the last few weeks. I have made some small but important changes and things have been good. I've got some work to do before McLane Pacific but things seem to be going to plan. I'm trying to up-grade on the road and chasing points.....

This morning looked like rain but was dry so I rolled up to the bridge @ 8am. I met up with the Sat. ride guys and rode out over Camino Alto but broke off to do the Paridise loop. Already drizzling, a couple other guys (Justin and Robbie) decided to roll with me so we had a sweet trio and rode a good paceline all the way around Paridise..... Good ride.

For my B-day I'm planning to ride Alpine Dam for the first time in at least 3 months tomorrow. I hope the rain chills out..... We'll see.....

Out you go!


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