Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ronde Van Tam

What a great day for a bike ride. An EPIC singlespeed MTB ride of course! I was planning to ride with Dan but he was called into work at the last minute so I loaded up the moto mojo and took off solo.....

The ride: Out to Mill Valley (stop for espresso), up to four corners then onwards on Panoram to Railroad Grade. I stopped at the parking lot before Railroad and stripped off some gear, while climbing I was heating up a bit, the temp. @ the lot was 61 Deg. nice...... I had to take a pic before heading on.

Took off up Railroad and climbed at a steady pace of just under 20 Kph. The climb took me 33 min. 1 minute quicker and 3 beats lower avg then 6 weeks ago. Once at the top I peeled off some layers, soaked up the sun for a bit and ate a snack. I saw only a couple people on the way up....

I love Nor-Cal

After enjoying the view, I geared up and decided to go back down Eldridge Grade to Phoenix Lake and pop out at Ross. The run down the first half of Eldridge was SUPER rocky. All the top soil was washed away and all that was left were baseball and larger sized rocks strewn about eveywhere. I was taking a beating for a while there. I didn't want to air down the tires for a better ride and risk flatting. The second half, dropping into Phoenix Lake was really smooth/ fast and hooked up fine indeed.....

Leaving Ross, a little over 3 hrs into the ride. I stopped in Larkspur for a coffee/muffin reload. I felt pretty good still and decided to come back up Marincello via Tennessee Valley, then up Coastal and back down to the bridge. My legs were feeling worked but I was up for it.

Well.......I felt ruined about half way up Marencillo. My legs were feeling pretty heavy and just made it over the top. I barreled down Bobcat, crossed over to Coastal and about half way up the lights came back on and I pushed a solid tempo for the rest of the trail. I guess the coffee finally kicked in.

Time/ 4:20, Total Km/ 86, 5 solid climbs, Avg HR 141, Max 176. Good stuff...............

Chillin at the top.

Well I'm off to the Fusion Team Happy hour. Gotta get those carbs!


Blogger cyclocrossboy said...

missed you last weekend...are you gonna get a chance to head down to the Winter Peak Races????


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