Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wet Willy

I had planned to race the last CCCX race on Sunday but my ride bailed and I figured I would post a ride request on the Bay Area Cyclocross Yahoo groups and see if I might procure a ride.

Well last time I checked on Fri night, no reply, so I figured what the heck might as well go do the Sat. fast ride out to PT.. Reys instead. I got up at 6 am double checked my email (still no replys) so Pt. Reys it was.

The ride was great. It was the first ride out on my road bike in 4? weeks and I was feeling pretty good. All the climbing on the single speed and CX bike is paying off. The weather started out cool but by the time we were out past Nacisao the clouds looked dark and there was a bit more water on the ground. I decided to cut it a little short and roll back. On the way home Robbie and I got dumped on, thank goodness it wasn't too cold. I managed to not post any time in the red zone and felt pretty good after eating some grub and a nice hot shower.

I checked my email and low and behold, Brian Rogers came through with a ride to the race. So.... I will rest up, hydrate (does Bud Light count?) and pack my stuff up for the early 6:45am departure! Darn I was going to go out for beers, ah I guess it will only be a few ;)

Race report to follow, stay tuned........


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