Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First NRC race of 2006 is this weekend !

Well, this is the weekend I'm been shooting for. It's the first race on the National Race calendar. The McLane Pacific Criterium on Sat and the Road Race on Sunday. The picture is the layout for the Criterium, it's a .8 mile course that looks to be a bit of a challenge. I did the road race last year and have a good idea of what to expect.

This is the first "A" race on my training program and I am relieved that my chest cold is on the way out and I feel pretty strong. I went on the Sat fast ride this last weekend and rode well despite getting a flat and doing a solo chase to Nacasico. I think my top end will be back just in time to lay it down this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing how my fitness is going to hold up to the 100 strong field that's already pre-reg'ed for both races (in the Elite 4). For the Crit I have 2 teammates and 5 in the road race. Most everyone seems to be riding well and things could really happen if we can stay together and work some team tactics.

Time for a little bike maintenance and double checking of supplies for the weekend. I'll post reports next week. With some luck, very good reports :)

Peace out~

Monday, February 20, 2006

Up's and downs

Sure enough my cold got a bit worse this weekend and I had to opt-out of the race on Saturday in Martinez. I was well enough to head out there with Channing and cheer though and I'm glad I did. Channing placed 9th in his first race of the young season and Scott, a new member on our team, managed to not get droppeed and finish in the group without any warm-up! A very hard way to jump into any race. (he just made the start line be fore the gun)

The course was reminiscent of the Burlingame Crit. It was in downtown Martinez and an "L" shaped layout which tends to be a bit more technical and would have been a great course for me. I enjoyed watching the race but would rather have been in it.... Around 1:30 the rain started so the first 3 races were lucky to be run in the dry.

Sunday morning I made my way up to Coit Tower to watch the prologue stage the Tour of California. A 3.1 km time trial along the embarcadero then looping around and up, up, up to Coit Tower, very cool. Despite the chilly temperatures the crowds were out and I felt like the race was going to be a big success. Our "Guv-o-nator" Arnold presented the leaders jersey to Levi Lephimer on the podium and all seems right with the world,

except I still have a bit of chest congestion and haven't ridden in 2-3 days which seems like a week! I hope this clears up and I can back to business this week. I'm planning on doing the CCCX MTB race in Monterey next weekend then the following weekend is the McLane roadrace and that is the first big target in 2006. We'll see.....


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

As the pedal turns.....

The Pro Tour teams could not have a better backdrop!

Well mother nature has decided to show us her cold shoulder yet again this week and I almost got blown off the bridge yesterday on a ride in the afternoon and today nearly froze my nuts off on a 3 hr ride towards Alpine Dam. I wish the weather would stay one way or another. The shift between hot and cold always gets me worried about catching a cold and things have been going so well up until now, I would hate to come down with something.

I am starting my taper process now, for the McLane RR in the first week of March. To get a cold now would be a bummer after all the solid work I have put in over the last 6-8 weeks through wind, rain and cold! This weekend is the Martinez crit and I should have 3 teammates in the race and it will be a good season opener (if it doesn't rain) that is.....

Somehow I have managed to drop to 162 lbs and I feel really good. When I was in stellar shape back in 97" I was hovering around 160-162 and I am climbing better that ever. I think it's a combo of the Single-speed climbing workouts, the weight loss and my road bike feeling like it truly fits me now.

Along with my race this weekend the first Tour of California is starting on Sunday and I plan to watch the opening time trial on Coit Tower, Then roll over to Marin and watch stage 2. On Wed. I plan to drive down with Tony to San Jose and watch the long individual TT which should be really cool. I hope the event is a big hit. Losing the S.F. Grand Prix was a real heartbreak and hopefully this will become a regular event and maybe even gain Pro Tour status in the following years......

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feels like Spring to me!

Well, after all the rain and cold weather it sure has been nice to get a break and ride in the sun and 65-70+ degree weather. I rode today out to Ft. Cronkite in the Marin Headlands and had a nice ride. A little bit windy but nice. I sometimes forget that I have such a great open-space right next door to the city. Today was one of those days when I am reminded of how lucky I am to have grown up here.

This weeks been great, I hope it keeps up. Might get to ride to Pt Reys on Sat. in the sun! Hope so.... I have been spoiled not having to wear leg/ arm warmers this week!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Enough of the rain already!

I don't mind riding in the rain..... it's the wet clothes/ dirty bike carnage afterwards that gets old fast.......

I rode the SS @ Marin Headlands yesterday (in the rain) and today I did a city loop including Twin Peaks. First out through the Presideo to G.G.P. then down to "Java Beach" @ Ocean Beach for some coffee and an "off the hook" sticky bun.

Java Beach

Hunger aside, I headed out along the Great Highway turning left up Sloat, continuing all the way up into Sir Francis Woods. From there I popped out on Woodside to Tower Market. Then a quick left onto Twin Peaks and a nice little climb to the top. I was hoping to get a good picture. Even after living up here for a year ( a year ago) I never went to the top to take any photos, but the fog was in full force at the top. At least the rain had pretty much stopped and was drying out a bit.

I think I see....... Nope, just fog......

Leaving Twin Peaks I headed toward Cole Valley, through the Haight and back-tracked to the Presideo. While there I hit some sweet little downhill sandy section for fun, then went home. A good ride (40 Km/ 2 Hrs). The Single Speed is coming together nicely. I changed the ride position with a longer stem and revised the seat height and BB adjustment. Boils down to: a bit more leg extendtion and center of gravity slightly more forward. The new seat and Easton post rock.

I hope the rain lets up for the weekend. I'm looking forward to rocking the road bike on the Sat. ride.

We'll see....

Out you go!