Wednesday, February 15, 2006

As the pedal turns.....

The Pro Tour teams could not have a better backdrop!

Well mother nature has decided to show us her cold shoulder yet again this week and I almost got blown off the bridge yesterday on a ride in the afternoon and today nearly froze my nuts off on a 3 hr ride towards Alpine Dam. I wish the weather would stay one way or another. The shift between hot and cold always gets me worried about catching a cold and things have been going so well up until now, I would hate to come down with something.

I am starting my taper process now, for the McLane RR in the first week of March. To get a cold now would be a bummer after all the solid work I have put in over the last 6-8 weeks through wind, rain and cold! This weekend is the Martinez crit and I should have 3 teammates in the race and it will be a good season opener (if it doesn't rain) that is.....

Somehow I have managed to drop to 162 lbs and I feel really good. When I was in stellar shape back in 97" I was hovering around 160-162 and I am climbing better that ever. I think it's a combo of the Single-speed climbing workouts, the weight loss and my road bike feeling like it truly fits me now.

Along with my race this weekend the first Tour of California is starting on Sunday and I plan to watch the opening time trial on Coit Tower, Then roll over to Marin and watch stage 2. On Wed. I plan to drive down with Tony to San Jose and watch the long individual TT which should be really cool. I hope the event is a big hit. Losing the S.F. Grand Prix was a real heartbreak and hopefully this will become a regular event and maybe even gain Pro Tour status in the following years......


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