Thursday, February 02, 2006

Enough of the rain already!

I don't mind riding in the rain..... it's the wet clothes/ dirty bike carnage afterwards that gets old fast.......

I rode the SS @ Marin Headlands yesterday (in the rain) and today I did a city loop including Twin Peaks. First out through the Presideo to G.G.P. then down to "Java Beach" @ Ocean Beach for some coffee and an "off the hook" sticky bun.

Java Beach

Hunger aside, I headed out along the Great Highway turning left up Sloat, continuing all the way up into Sir Francis Woods. From there I popped out on Woodside to Tower Market. Then a quick left onto Twin Peaks and a nice little climb to the top. I was hoping to get a good picture. Even after living up here for a year ( a year ago) I never went to the top to take any photos, but the fog was in full force at the top. At least the rain had pretty much stopped and was drying out a bit.

I think I see....... Nope, just fog......

Leaving Twin Peaks I headed toward Cole Valley, through the Haight and back-tracked to the Presideo. While there I hit some sweet little downhill sandy section for fun, then went home. A good ride (40 Km/ 2 Hrs). The Single Speed is coming together nicely. I changed the ride position with a longer stem and revised the seat height and BB adjustment. Boils down to: a bit more leg extendtion and center of gravity slightly more forward. The new seat and Easton post rock.

I hope the rain lets up for the weekend. I'm looking forward to rocking the road bike on the Sat. ride.

We'll see....

Out you go!


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