Monday, February 20, 2006

Up's and downs

Sure enough my cold got a bit worse this weekend and I had to opt-out of the race on Saturday in Martinez. I was well enough to head out there with Channing and cheer though and I'm glad I did. Channing placed 9th in his first race of the young season and Scott, a new member on our team, managed to not get droppeed and finish in the group without any warm-up! A very hard way to jump into any race. (he just made the start line be fore the gun)

The course was reminiscent of the Burlingame Crit. It was in downtown Martinez and an "L" shaped layout which tends to be a bit more technical and would have been a great course for me. I enjoyed watching the race but would rather have been in it.... Around 1:30 the rain started so the first 3 races were lucky to be run in the dry.

Sunday morning I made my way up to Coit Tower to watch the prologue stage the Tour of California. A 3.1 km time trial along the embarcadero then looping around and up, up, up to Coit Tower, very cool. Despite the chilly temperatures the crowds were out and I felt like the race was going to be a big success. Our "Guv-o-nator" Arnold presented the leaders jersey to Levi Lephimer on the podium and all seems right with the world,

except I still have a bit of chest congestion and haven't ridden in 2-3 days which seems like a week! I hope this clears up and I can back to business this week. I'm planning on doing the CCCX MTB race in Monterey next weekend then the following weekend is the McLane roadrace and that is the first big target in 2006. We'll see.....



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