Saturday, March 18, 2006

I went on the local Fast ride today which goes out to Pt. Reys and back 120km total. The pace today was pretty high. The weather was the best it's been in weeks and I figured the usual suspects would be in attendance and lift the tempo. Sure enough, for the 3 hr split to Fairfax we averaged 34 kph/21 mph, including the last hour ride home 30+ kph/18+ mph. Fast for sure and my avg HR was a few beats above avg for this ride but not as high as I though it would be! The group had started with around 40 riders but after 2+ hrs it had dwindled down to around 25 or so.....

I managed to snag 2nd in both "sprints" and felt pretty good with some small adjustments I made to the bike yesterday. I haven't done any race effort workouts since McLane and felt it for sure today. I have races on the next few weekends so I think I can keep the momentum going for those...

Out you go!

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