Saturday, March 11, 2006

Northen Europe?

Crazy weather for sure. There was a 2 person fatal car accendent early (2:30 am) this morning due to snow? Yes snow.... The picture is Hwy 101 North just after the tunnel in Marin. I met up at 8:00 am for the Sat ride this morning asking myself if I was crazy and thought twice about riding so early. The sun was out and the road was dry so I decided to go and if it was too cold I would cut it short and head home.

I rode up to the bridge and Josh, Said-jon and Scott were there as well as a few other guys. It was damm cold though. Around 38 degrees and my hands were starting to feel frozen all ready. I made the wrong glove choice but thought it would be better in Marin and we took off.

When we got down into Sausalito, battling with the detoured traffic was a nightmare, bad way to start the ride for sure. Going through town, it was a huge surprise to see snow on the road (both sides) and in the grassy center median! I have only seen snow twice before in my 36 years living here in SF. Never have I seen snow stay on the ground and be and inch or so thick!

I decided to ride with the group to Fairfax and cut and run home from there after a coffee break. On the way home the sun was coming out and it was warmer but still really cold. When back at home, I took a nice long hot shower and ate some pancakes. I think I'll take a short nap now.....



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