Sunday, June 11, 2006

Race Updates


I still don't have the results for the ST Bikes Crit. I believe I finished around 15th place, this being my first race in the Elite 3 field. What a buch of squirrels! I thought I left most of the chaos back in the 4's. Seems a lot of 4's upgraded or something because the field size was also quite large (94) for a 3's race, from what I was told buy some other guys.... Channing and I finished though, after we both narrowly avoided a rider who got a flat in the last turn before the finish. The upside was Channing and I were together for the run in on the final lap. So very close.....Next time.

ICCC Wheels of Thunder Crit. Super hot and our race was at high noon. I managed to get the 3rd lap sprint prime for $10 whoopee! On the final lap Channing and I again managed to be together on the run in on the final lap but Channing ran out of steam while leading me out and I had to sprint around him and across the gap to the front runners and into 18th place. Channing came in 28th.... Again, being together on the final lap is tough. It only a matter of time before we put it together for a good result for one or both of us....

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good race report - CC


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