Monday, July 17, 2006

Aww.... The Foam Roller!

What a difference a piece of foam makes. I wish I had gotten turned onto this thing month's ago. I recommend it highly. It's your "on call" M.T.

No racing for now until Timpini (4 weeks), just focusing on work, resting, and some fun weekend rides. This last weekend was good in that I ended up feeling better after the weekend instead of still sore and recovering. I think I will be in good shape for the coming CX season. It's only about 8 weeks away. I have started setting up the CX bike and I can't hardly belive it's here already.

Looking back on the racing so far this year I've had a great season, and the team has also done extremely well. As a "team" Fusion has already placed on the podium something like 21 times! 4 of those wins..............

...................not bad for our small team.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Davis 4th of July Criterium

Date: 7/4/06
Course: 0.7-mile L-shaped loop in downtown Davis. Flat course on moderate pavement with five 90-degree left turns,
and one 90-degree right turn.
Category: Master 3/4
Field: 50 something
Teammate: Channing, Darius and Jeff
Place: ?? No results posted yet

Well, I was looking forward to this race, especially the Masters 1/2/3 race. I was signed up for both, the 3/4 race was at 11:30 and the 1/2/3 race at 1:30. When I rolled up around 8:30 the temps weren’t to hot and I set up the rollers and watched the 4’s race.

I felt good and was pumped to have Channing, Darius and Jeff in the race. I had been trying to rehab my wacked out muscles in my leg and back all week, so I figured I would try to help Darius and Jeff get some points if possible.

I lined up in the 3rd row, not too bad except when the guys in front of you fumble into their pedals and the pack takes off. Ya that’s what happened. I found myself further back than I would have liked and focused on moving up on the straight. I made my way up to Jeff and wanted to pull him up to the front and for 2 laps on the straight made up a lot of places.

Half way into the race I started to get a real “sour” stomach and drinking water wasn’t helping. Bummer… I actually felt ok legs/ back but the cramping stomach took the fight out of me pretty quick. I could see Channing hanging in the front and just rolled around the course at this point. I managed to hang in and finished without sprinting really…. I was happy to see that Channing got 3rd and I believe Jeff finished well also. The stomach thing was totally my fault, I drank some coffee way to close to race time. Opps won’t do that again….

Masters 1/2/3

Well I figured the Masters race might work out ok, so I rested in the shade, drank water and ate a little food. By 12:30 the temps were way up there, compared to the morning race. It had to be over 90 and the temp on the pavement felt like 100. I took 2 –3 warm-up laps and even with the slight breeze it was HOT!

I got a sweet front row start and good thing too because there was break on lap one and the pace was very, very fast. I was having a good race holding position in the top 20 and enjoying the fact that we hardly touched the breaks and the laps were ticking down fast.

Half way into the race I started to feel a little more dizzy then normal race light-headedness and was having trouble focusing. I though it would pass and I could hang until the end but 2 laps later and my forearms started to get red and itchy. Heat rash was setting in and I new I was at this point, really dehydrated and I decided to pull myself out of the race. That was something I never thought I would do but I didn’t want to risk touching wheels and causing an incident. I want to race the Masters quite a bit more and figured better to drop out, and come back another day than cause a crash….