Sunday, September 24, 2006

CCCX #1 Prunedale Race Report

Anyone for some Zone 5 + training?

I rode my first Elite CX race today. The field was large and included non-other than Barry Wicks (Kona) , along with most of the fastest local Pro/A riders and quite a few "class of 05" B's, fun but FU#$%N hard. I managed to get in 4~ warmup laps before hand. The course was cool. To bad it wasn’t wet, or at least not so dusty. I’d say it’s one of the best courses I have ridden. It had it all. Fast up/ downhill sections broken up by some barriers/ log. Adding to that were 2 slippery chicanes running through different baseball diamonds, a big run up and some cool single track.

I tried my best to get a good start positon but still ended up in the 3rd row. It was a long drag up a false flat then dropped into a chicane and then into the dirt. There was a lot of crowding and some of the guys in front weren’t ready when the whistle went, so there was a bit of bobbling. By the time we hit the dirt it strung out and I can see I’m around 25th.

Well 25th was not where I wanted to be. I didn’t panic. I focused on finding my groove and being as smooth as possible. I was picking up positions here and there for a few laps and getting into a groove when, on a bumby downhill, my chain jammed up in my derailleur! I had to pull over and it took me way too long to fix it, a group of about 5 guys followed by 2 more go flying buy and I remounted and tried to pick it up easy and not sprint like crazy to catch up. I worked hard for for a few more laps and started to reel in some of the guys that passed me. I got 2-3 back and could see more riders up-ahead. I was working hard but ended up in a battle with some Joselyn’s guy. He would pass me here and there but I would take him back on the fast uphill/ downhill portions. Then with 3 laps to go. Barry, and Simon lap me on the run in to the finish. Well Objective #1 blown (not to go a lap down) so now I am in quite a chase/ battle. I don’t even care where my position was at this point. I just rode as smooth and fast as I could while focusing on finishing ahead of this other rider. I attacked the fast portions and on the run up I was passed by a few more guys on the lead lap. Dam! I drilled it after them and I managed to get a sizable gap on the rider chasing me. It was a good race but I was glad to get it over with. The first “real” CX race just seems to hurt the worst and now racing in the Elite class for an hour instead of 45 min does make a difference when your pegged at 180 bpm!

Well compared to last year I’m faster and more importantly, smoother and better with the transitions. This was my first race in the Elite field with paid pro’s and guys that have been at this for years. This is only my second year racing CX and I know I have a steep learning curve ahead of me but I feel up for it.

Next week is CCCX round #2 but I will be in Vegas for Inter bike and then Channing’s bachelor party! It’s going to be a long week. No riding and then after I get back, only a week till the Pilarcitos Series starts. I think I’ll bring my running shoes and hit the stairwells or something, I’ll figure something out……..

Cyclocross rules.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick, you're such a stud! When are you going to call me??

- your secret admirer ;)

Blogger linebrake said...

nice racing, nick. good to see you out there. have fun in vegas!

p.s. i'm back on the blogwagon, check me out.


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