Monday, October 30, 2006

Beer Please

Whitehill School Cyclocross in Fairfax Race Report:

I'm not too sure where I finished, 12th maybe it didn't really matter to me. I left before the results were up. There were only 15 of us in the Elite race. I rode out and didn't feel to hot. I barely did anything this week training wise, as it was a rest week really. I just wanted to be there and support the local thing ya know. All the $$ went to the music and sports programs.

This was a fun course. I started ok but on the 3rd lap? I started to get a bit tired and washed the front out in the baseball diamond. A few guys got past me and I lost a bit of momentum but was unhurt. I knew I wasn't going to well so I decided to clean up on the DFL beer $ primes and gave up a few spots. Shit I cleared $13 ! Abborica got a few shots of me collecting the dough! Even pulled a hat trick w/ 3 ones.... LOL

It was fun even though my back was killing me in the last 2 laps, then Josh and Simon caught me and put me out of my misery a lap down, oh well, I rode the hour w/o any training this week sans a couple 30 min easy spins on the rollers, then rode home (back to the city) which was kinda nice even with my spare wheels strapped to my back! It made for a 4 hour training day. Shitty race but great training. Sunday I did a sweet 3.5 hour road ride at 126 avg HR with a smidgin of threshold work around pardise with one of my teammates James and Phil from Lombardi's, we were moving around paridise w/ a 33-48 kph avg. paceline. I had some heavy legs and took some long pulls but the cardio felt good. The rest week was good and hopfully I can start to step it up in the coming weeks. We'll see.

Up next: Maybe Granite Beach (in Sac.) on Sat./ for sure Pilarcitos #3 at McLaren Park on Sunday, again a hometurf race and a new venue. Should be very interesting especially if the weather gets a bit fall-like for real. I heard there might be a rather long run-up. Lets hope so.

Stay tuned.......


Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

NickO - let me know if you've got any word on what the McLaren course will be like. I've got a rider looking to do the race and i need some info to recommend, or not for her.

muchas appreciado if you gots any.
pedalhome at the hotmail . com.

Blogger isaiasjob said...

sounds like your training went better than mine this weekend.
sat - halloween costume shopping
sun - halloween party recovery
i'm putting in a good week of training this week though!


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