Friday, November 24, 2006

Pilarcitos #4 in GGP

Nice uphill drag to the finish.....

Bay Area Super Prestige Series #4 in Golden Gate Park
Category: Elite Men
Teammates: None
Place: 25/ 45
9 laps/ 1 hour

I had a terrible start to the day by over-sleeping. No alarm went off, for whatever reason and I had to rush to get down to the park and setup the Bianchi tent and it took a lot longer than I had planned. After registering and other setup stuff, I finally got around to getting out and warming up. I only got 4 laps of warm up and at this point everything that could go wrong had, so I was just wanting to get it over with and not in the best of race-moods. I hoped that my legs would be good and I could hold onto my 14th overall.
Photo: Lauren Haughey
Calm before the storm...
I got a good start position and a decent start as well. First time across the finish I heard Tom state I was in 15th. Great, I tried to maintain but the Lactic acid was building and I could see the writing on the wall already on the 2nd lap (lack of warmup). I made some bad tactial errors by not running the rooted section when in a group, twice, and it cost me a lot. About halfway into the race I started to feel better and started to work my way back up. I caught a few guys here and there.
Photo: Lauren Haughey
Up and over!

On the final lap, I got caught by the Hunter duo and let them pass on the section before the final barriers. I was feeling good for a sprint and felt, as long as I was on thier wheels coming off the final dirt portion, I could get them. Ya, no... I muffed the remount after the final barriers and they got a 3 bike length gap. I gave it all I had, but finished in the same time as Rick and B.Crum got us both by 1 sec. Very close finish. I almost threw up across the finish line, so I know I was working hard.
I was in the pain box for the whole race. My sister asked me if I saw her and the truth was I didn't see anyone except my Dad cuz he was giving me water. I did however hear her and everyone else and I thank you for the words of encouragement. It always helps. The guys yelling at the tree root section made all the difference in the world.

Great day for a race in the park!

After a cold beer and a slice of pizza (thanks Acclerade!) all was right with the world. I finished on the lead lap and retained my 14th spot overall. Off to CCCX this Sunday and the following weekend is the Pilarcitos Final. Stay tuned....

Chillin with the holmie's


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