Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rain and Political Blackness

Rain.... not alway so welcome but seeing how it cross season and I am sick of inhaling dust and blowing black snot for the last few weeks, please o' please let it rain. the race this weekend at McLaren Park will be great, even better if raining or at least damp ie: no friggn dust!

I kind of try to stick to bike racing stuff for the most part on my blog but After reading the political commentary link from Hernando's blog I am pissed off. Goddam W and his cronies are running us into the ground and the masses are too stupid to see it. Times like this I want to get the hell out of here....

I am having to much fun racing my bike I guess I'll hang out and see if the nation will come around, it's like a bad reality TV show..

Party on Wayne........


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