Monday, December 25, 2006

One Speed X-Mas

Happy Holidaze!

Ya, X-Mas. My favorite time to go ride trails. Hardly a sole in sight and the whole Headlands feels like it is your playground. I went out today with Dan and we rode out to the F.A.A. radar sight in the Marin Headlands and back, for a nice 2 hour ride. The weather started out cold but after we dropped into the backside valley the temps were a bit warmer than I had expected. With the cloud cover it was 60 and humid. I haven't ridden my SS in 6 months? and I was kinda amped up this morning to go ride.
The Destination...

I was tired but I had fun. It had been awhile since riding up to the radar site, what a great view! I was glad to have brought the camera and took some pic's. A little bit of mud, some hard climbing and good company. On the way home I bombed a bit of the Presideo with Dan and then cut off for a bit more single track. I forget how much good moto there is in the Presideo! The Boyz..

My SS felt really good and I plan on doing a bit more with the SS here in the next month. A good X-Mas ride for sure. Here are a few photo's, enjoy!


The rides....


Anonymous <br> said...

nice. your 29er towers over the other bike. my unleaded should be converted to single in a couple weeks...

Blogger isaiasjob said...

hey big boy, I wanna ride your "9er" some time ;-) I'm seriously think'n about gettin' one and wanna make sure it's my thing. you headed down to the early birds this weekend?

Blogger velogirl said...

hey! it was great to chat with you as well, Nick! I've been following your blog for a while since we're both focused on too many things (cross, xc, road).

so, I've got a custom Sycip Diesel (SS) sitting in my livingroom since July that I haven't built up? I don't know much about SS. Any advice? I put together a dream components list but it might be silly. can I pick your brain?


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