Monday, January 08, 2007

CCCX #5 Series Final

All Photos by: Rick Rassmusen
And they're off!

Date: 1/7/07
Course: 80/20 pavement/ dirt setup with 2 barrier sections (logs),
one barrier section and 1 run up.
Category: Elite Men
Teammate: None
Place: 9th

This was the final race in the CCCX Series and was held at Ft. Ord in Monterey. Brian, Julie and I rolled down together and arrived with plenty of time to pre-ride. The course was pretty much the same as last year but with a 2 barrier dismount at the top off the hill before the single track and a big log dismount with added plank and ensuing triple switch back. A few added tricky sections for sure. The double log jump was there and the fast swoopy downhill pave’ section…FUN. I had a blast last year racing in the B’s (first ever CCCX race) and I finished 3rd.


I went into this race with the plan of hitting the start hard to get into good position onto the single track, stay on the gas, and see where I end up. After having a bit of a chest cold last week, I knew I would fade, just didn’t know how much…. I got a start position 2nd row but between guys and had some clear air in front of me. The start is a tricky uphill fire road with some ruts added just for fun. Anyway I got a great sprint start and moved into 4th or 5th place before we hit the barriers. I hung on to this group until the second time up the run up. Then they started to just slip away, I had to dial it back a bit and recover but kept a good pace. After a lap solo a few SS guys came past me and I hung on for a lap maybe, then Lance came by and egged me to get back on and real the SS guys back. I wanted to but I was at the limit already. After another lap I started to feel better and picked the pace up. Good thing to, cuz now I was mixing it up with Keith and Jason and I ended up pulling the trio around for three laps +/-. With 2 to go Jason gets by and a lap later, Keith. I put my head down and focused on finishing, knowing I was somewhere in the top 10. Although I was faded at end, I was still smooth, didn’t trip on anything or crash and got to have a good race, so hey! Good stuff…

I can’t deny I wanted to up there. I felt strong, just lacked race fitness. On the first lap, being in the front group is a great feeling. It was good to get a taste of it. I will be up there next year, somewhere. Rick Rassmusen was they’re taking some great pics again. The keg was in full effect after my race and it was great to hang out and shoot the shit on a beautiful sunny (winter?) day, felt like spring to me! You know what that means… Yup, shaved legs, sun (or fog if you live in the city), skinny tires, and lot or pure speed, yes Road Race season is already here and I am looking forward to it. After spending some time dialing in my road bike, it seems to be the best ever. Just riding it feels good and with that, good thing can only happen.

Run up to the.......

Double Logs!

I want to thank the CCCX crew for a great 2006 series. Brian/Julie, thanks for the ride. I had a blast and enjoyed racing with all the A’s this season and met a lot of cool people.

Happy Ending!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dutch lead the way!

Segway's have been banned on streets and bike paths in the Netherlands!

I really don't like these things at all. A few years ago the S.F.B.C. tried to team up with Segway to petition City Hall to expand the bike lane program here in SF. Segway said hell no we can go anywhere we want(or something like that) and declined to join forces. If I remember correctly they were then banned from using all sidewalk's and bike / pedestrian paths. Evey time I see a hord of tourists rolling around wearing those stupid yellow "caution vests" (there's a good reason for that) I want to puke. Get off and walk, or ride a dam bike. In my humble opinon all these things do is make people more lazy than they already are and give cops, postal carriers, etc... the chance to get fatter. Top speed of 20km/12.5 mph! I can run faster than that. Jezz....

Catch me if you can!

Banning Segway's from sidewalks.