Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dutch lead the way!

Segway's have been banned on streets and bike paths in the Netherlands!

I really don't like these things at all. A few years ago the S.F.B.C. tried to team up with Segway to petition City Hall to expand the bike lane program here in SF. Segway said hell no we can go anywhere we want(or something like that) and declined to join forces. If I remember correctly they were then banned from using all sidewalk's and bike / pedestrian paths. Evey time I see a hord of tourists rolling around wearing those stupid yellow "caution vests" (there's a good reason for that) I want to puke. Get off and walk, or ride a dam bike. In my humble opinon all these things do is make people more lazy than they already are and give cops, postal carriers, etc... the chance to get fatter. Top speed of 20km/12.5 mph! I can run faster than that. Jezz....

Catch me if you can!

Banning Segway's from sidewalks.


Anonymous marian said...

Hmm. Funny I just saw one of those today parked inside one of the buildings on campus. I felt like trying to find the owner and shaking 'im until he admitted that he has a case of terminal chump-ness.

But I didn't.


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