Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Here we go again......

Alright.... new year, new season, new post.

This weekend will be the first Crit of the new road season for me. The Martinez Crit looked like a lot of fun last year. I went as cheerleader for the team cuz I had been pretty sick and hadn't ridden much leading up to the race. The course is technical in nature and I guess they moved the finish to the end of the long straight, ya baby. Long sprint, big speed. My preferred type of finish.

I don't have issues riding in the rain or wet ground, just riding with other guys that do, is an issue. So, seeing how it's still quite early in the season. I might.... might, not go if the rain is falling but I will wait until the last minute to make that call. I am signed up for the Elite2/3 race and the Masters 1/2/3/4 so it will be a great weekend of training for sure. I hope the wet weather holds out for race day!


Blogger diskzero said...

February crit in the rain. Ugh. Too hairball for me. I'll be out watching though.


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