Saturday, February 10, 2007

Let there be mud.....


I wussed out on Martinez but I got in 4 hours on the SS with lots of climbing. I got rained on and it was windy at the top of Tam but I had a pretty good ride. Out to Mill Valley, up 4 corners, over to RR Grade. Threshold effort for 30 min. up to the top. Then down the other side (Eldridge Grade) to Phoenix Lake and back home on the road. On the way down my grips started to slip and slide from the rain, so I had to take it easy, I didn't want to have one pop off, ya... that would have been bad.

I like doing this ride, especially with the SS and MP3 player, tunes for days! I look forward to doing this ride in summer and adding some headlands action after for a 5.5 hr ride? Hopefully 3 more hrs. Sunday and that will wrap up 10.5 hrs this week. I'm 2 weeks into starting lunchervals and things seem to be coming along well....

The Rita is coming together nicely. I have made an effort to dial it in numbers wise, as close to my road bike as possible and it is working. I changed the gears to a 33 X 19 and while the flat top speed is only 24-25 kph it works great for climbing. I need a new seat post with a non-indexed adjuster and a bit more set back, some (gasp) bar ends to go with the new flat bar (rockin) and things should be golden :)

Napa Valley Dirt Classic here I come!

Stats for the ride: 5 climbs/ *82 km/ Avg Spd. 20.5km/

*4 hrs/ Avg HR 134/ Max176


Blogger isaiasjob said...

you dirty bitch ;-) I'm jealous of your Tam ride on the SS! I've been on the bike about 6 out of 7 days for the last couple months. About 3 weeks ago I took the single back out for a ride and was in so much frick'n pain! It made me realize how important it is to cross train between road and mtn.
I'm getting me a 29er soon. It's the On-One Scandal, scandium frame. The steel 29er is really cool cause it has sliding dropouts with the option of putting a der. hanger on. Unfortunately the frame weighs like 5.4 lbs, so I'm going with the Scandal which is sold as gear or ss only. Fortunately I have a Soulcraft convert to run it both as a SS and a geared bike ;-)

You doing Snelling?


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