Sunday, March 25, 2007

Racing Round-up

O.K. A little late....

Last weekend I did 2 races. Sat.-The Landpark Crit (Masters 1/2/3) and Sun.- Barini road race (Elite 3). The results aren't up yet, not I'm not really sure where I finished in either hence the delay in the reports. The races went well. The Crit was fast and furious and I managed to follow the winning move launched by Hernando but he attacked again and it was time for me to drift back to the pack and finish the race maybe in 35~? I'll take it. Oh was a little warm 80+?

In the road race we had a few plans and with 6 guys reduced to 5 and with only Marc getting a decent warm up we had to just go into it heads up. Marc managed to get the first 2 laps KOM (king of the mountain) points ( first one off the front in a break!) so we decided to rally around Marc and the KOM. Lap 3 saw a dangerous break go up the road and when Marc took off to catch the break I jumped in to help out. Raymond, a couple other guys and I, manged to close it enough for Channing to jump and take 1st w/ Steve in 2nd for the KOM. With only 2 laps left left, odds were good Marc would hold the KOM. I ended up doing a little off the back team TT w/ Marc to finish.

We got the KOM. Hanging in to finish ahead, were Raymond 14th and Steve a bit further behind. We were lucky to not get tangled up in the multiple crashes in the finale although Steve was mowing the grass on the side of the road to avoid one of em'. We agreed as a team that this race would be a chance for all of us to push it a bit extra. I hadn't pushed myself that hard in a while (red line and beyond) for that amount of time, I was happy with my performance and I think the whole team was happy with there's as well. We worked together and showed some heads up riding that with time, over the season, will just get better!

There was more criterium racing this weekend in Santa Rosa and it was pretty hard. I did the Elite 3/4 race and also the Elite 2/3. Report shortly.......


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new pic?

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I love riding in grassy ditches.


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