Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Riding with the girls.... Velo Girls!

Oh.... snaps. That's a long drag strip

Results: 15th in the E3 and 36th in the M1/2/3

Last weekend I went down to Menlo Park for some office park criterium racing. Velo Girls did this event last year but for whatever reason I missed it. The course was straightforward. 4 corner, all right turns with about a 400 meter drag to the finish. I like the long sprint, so I was feeling pretty good about it before I even warmed up. I went into the weekend solo and decided I would ride at the front and try to be more of a protagonist within the race instead of following the bubble around.

I got a good warmup and the weather was nice. There was a medium headwind down the front straight and then tailwind down the back. I hit the rollers for 40 min and felt good. I posted up on the start line ASAP and forgo ed the sighting lap. I was looking for a start without guys in front of me, which I got, sweet....

Anyway, we take off and I maintained a top position for most of the race, closing down some gaps etc... I felt good and Brad (lombardis) and I worked together a bit. I was having a good race. With the laps winding down I was still hanging tough and feeling o.k. Two laps to go and I got boxed in on the backside after a big swarm. From there I managed to move up into the top 15 or so before the last turn. Even with the long sprint I was further back than I wanted to be. Off the corner and launch the boosters. 14..13..12.....11. Bang! Very bad noises start coming from the rear wheel. WhoA! I sat up and coasted across the line. Oh man I was about to get 4-5 place and I watched it slip away fast. 5,6,7,8910.......15?th place. Well up that point I was feeling good. I had spare wheels, so I could still do the Masters 1/2/3.

Sprinting to a broken spoke.

I went straight back to the car. I only had an hour between races to survey the damage (more than I thought) and switch wheels. I did that, then had a Cliff bar/ Coke snack and had some time to relax in my folding chair... Ah sun... did I mention it was a really nice day? Almost forgot I was here to race... I went into the M1/2/3 with the same plan as the E3 race. I got a front row start and again stayed up front. The pace was however much faster than the 3's, on the front straight it had been 41~ kph, while in the Masters it was more like 51~! I was good until 2 laps to go when I started to feel the pace. Big ring, squirrel humping action going on for sure. ( I think I stole that from Hernando) My legs we cooked, I missed out on the action and ended up around 30th? of like 70?? O.K. I guess. It's my first M1/2/3 race of 2007 and only 3rd crit so far. I think a lot of these guys have been going at it from the EB"s while I have been reloading after CX. I was hammered more after the double crit than the Merco weekend. Endurance/ cardo wise I am OK. I felt like I was beat up with a 2x4 especially my butt. I had to take an extra rest day to work it out...

This coming weekend I am fired up for Barini. I will have 5 teammates in the E3 race and I should make the Landpark crit Saturday but only for the M1/2/3. Another wild and woolly weekend of bike racing! Big shout out to the Velo Girls for putting Menlo Park together, it was good times. Special thanks to Dad for coming down for the cause.

More racing action this weekend!


Blogger Becky said...

2 crits in one day? dude, you're a machine.

Blogger velogirl said...

your dad comes to watch you race? how cool is that!!!

so, you did great! 15th in the 3s (field size = 73) and 36th in the 1/2/3 (field size = 81). results are done by neither my webmaster nor the ncnca webmaster have posted them yet. and all that on a broken spoke (with a broken heart, I can imagine).

maybe I'll see you at Bariani!


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