Monday, April 09, 2007

Good Times

Coffee stop at the Java Hut

I went for a fantastic solo ride today. I'm finally feeling like I turned the corner on whatever it was that was dragging me down the last week or so... I felt good on the bike today and although tired when I got home, I wasn't in any pain and it was that "good and tired" feeling of something accomplished. It was sunny and cool when I left for Marin and warmed up somewhat once up North a bit. The loop as follows: SF/ Fairfax, over Whites Grade, back Lucas Valley/ China Camp/ Paradise.... home. 135 Km in 4:52.
China Camp rest area

I have been playing with a new toy, a Power Tap that is and I can say after a few days of riding with it, I can see why using just HR values, really only gives you half the story, that is.... if your a data whore like myself. Want to go fast? Pedal faster or harder... but you gotta pedal.

Rollers can show you how utterly sloppy you can be..... Big thing I noticed right away was the Power Tap shows how much "non" pedaling your doing out on a ride. Pacing is way easier using power than speed, much like using HR % instead of straight BPM. I never knew what speed I was going all day and I ended up posting quite a good avg speed considering the wind and traffic.

Most important thing was I had a really GOOD ride. I felt in sync with the bike and I had no problems throughout the day. I stopped for a snack at China Camp and just enjoyed the day... Long solo rides are sometimes good for the soul and today was one of those days, ticking off the km's just seems to dissolve pains, worries and general stress and I remembered why it is I ride.

I love it....riding. Pretty simple really......

Flying down the road, legs like pistons turning over the gears and the wind in your face.

Umm, ya coffee good....

Lucas Valley

Power Tap data.

Pretty interesting......


Blogger isaiasjob said...

ohhh, powertap....mine's in the mail ;-) by the time 'cross is around we'll be able to compare data!


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