Saturday, April 14, 2007

New beginings and old friends...

I started working at Lombardi Sport as the service manager, in the bike department last week, if you didn't know already. I also am heading back to collage starting in May! Big changes.... I really liked working at Bianchi , the guys were great and I had some good experiences and met some really cool people. The commute however, was less than stellar (about and hour ea. way). I forgot how much time it bleeds away from your day. I am back to the 10 min walking commute and live is good.

I have plenty of time to ride in the morning and then go to work. On Thursday I did the Headlands loop on the SS and felt great. If you've never ridden out in the Marin open space, your missing out. I know there are a lot of great riding spots up and down the coast but for me at least, there is a spiritual re-charge value that I can't explain. Whatever it was that derailed me before the Ronde weekend seems to have passed and I'm feeling good about that.

I have to admit that I do really like working in a shop environment. Fixing things has always been a natural ability and I generally like to help people. The cubicle/ office thing is o.k. but it's nice to see people once in awhile and not be on the phone 24/7 and staring at a computer screen.

Gorgeous morning in the Marin Headlands

Bianchi USA in Hayward(old office)

Lombardi Sport (new office)

At least the new office has a window! LOL........ Peace~


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