Monday, May 07, 2007

Bay Area living at it's best...

Highway 1 overlooking Stinson Beach

Oh man what a ride! This Sunday was beautiful.... No arm\ knee warmers needed, leaving @ 8:30 in the morning. I met up with the boys and we headed out for a big one. I underestimated just how hot it was going to be.....

We did a 5hr 144 km ride. On out way out to Pt. Reyes we ran into the whole Squadra team and we mixed it up into Nicasico. After a brief rest stop for water/ snack and a glass of water on the head to cool off, the 5 of us headed on out and we parted ways with the Squadra boys (they were on there way to their team photo shoot). We went through the Pt. Reyes Seashore and Jeff had us take a little detour that was a crazy climb and felt like we were in Tahoe. Really pretty and stiff climbs. It turned out to be an out and back so with our water running out and 90+ degree weather we bolted for Olema to get lunch (see photo).

The Motley Crue has lunch and some shade. L-R / Andy/ Jeff/ James/ Marc/ Nick

We finished up our food and rolled out up Hwy 1. Wooden legs all around except Marc who then started to motor. I had a hard time holding on to the groupo without going into the red zone so I backed off and let them go. I needed a little more time riding easy to let my food digest and get going. I finally caught back at the Boleinas Lagoon and we rode into Stinson together. What a scene. Everyone and their brother was out.

Hwy 1 leaving Olema on a full belly...

Instead of going up Panoram we rode Hwy 1. I actually have never ridden my bike on this part of the coast. I have however done it plenty of times on a motorcycle but only in the northbound direction. My legs were starting to cramp all over and I had to take it real easy. Dispite the imposed slow pace and cramping Hwy 1 going south was fun. Roller coaster fun.... I soft peddled when I could and managed to get over to Muir Woods and up the final climb out, I suffered but made it. Marc was moving like on a motorcycle with James and Andy chasing him. Jeff kept me company as I meandered my way up to the top. Thanks Jeff!

We stopped for one last time at the 7-11 at the bottom at Tam Valley and I grabbed a bunch of salt from the "deli" counter and put it in my drinks. I should have done that back in Olema ( dumbass), I felt way... way better after a few miles and popped a 1300 watt sprint right before the bridge! (new max). I like riding in that kind of heat but we don't get it often and I sometimes forget things like extra salt, make the difference between being "money" or "overdrawn". All in all a fantastic ride. Everyone was riding strong, aside from me off the back a bit after Olema. I slept for about an hour or so after getting home.

I woke up this morning knowing I wanted to get in a rec. ride and the temps at 8:00am were already at 75! I decided to ride out to Ocean Beach hoping it would be a bit cooler with the wind off the water and it was. Another super day in the city, if it was like this on a regular basis rents would be sky high.

It looked like everybody with a surfboard called in sick or was playing hookey from school there were so many surfers out in the water. I managed a 2.5 hour ride super easy and felt pretty good. Days like today remind me that no matter how bad things can be (or you think they are) there is beauty wherever you want to find it, all you have to do is look....

I'm off to my first day back in school....

Peace out~

Power Tap data from Sunday


Blogger L. Christmas said...

Nick, I just linked to your blog from Cullen's blog.. great riding w/ you guys on Sat to Nicasio! I haven't had that much fun hammering that stretch of road in a long time!


Blogger velogirl said...

Hey! How's skool going?

Are any of those handsome guys on your team single?


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