Monday, May 14, 2007

Coastal Trail

Crystal and Kerri enjoy the Bobcat Trail.

The Big One....
80 km/ 50 miles T4:50
I have been wanting to do a bigger Headlands loop with the possibility of going to Tam all off-road. I am ashamed to admit it, that even with growing up here, I had never ridden the Coastal Trail beyond Tennessee Valley. I bought a map and did some planning. A quick look at the map and I was happy to see that a mtb ride almost entirely off road was indeed possible.
I was happy that Rich made it out. The weather, while sunny, was cool at times and I was constantly pulling or pushing on arm warmers or zip/ un-zip the vest etc.... We ran into Crystal, Mike and Kerri before jumping onto Bobcat and in no time had them convinced to ride along. Sweet....
......... now there were 5 of us of off to romp around the GGNRA for our playground!

Tennessee Valley Beach

Coastal from Tennessee Valley was the business. I should have taken a picture of the actual trail , it was impressive. Steep stair-step climbs and switch backs, up to a vista, that was pretty breath taking. I surprised myself making it on the SS... After a quick snack we headed down towards Muir Beach. We accidentally poached an incredible trail along the coast that was amazing. While on it, we managed to get whacked by Thistle plants and left a little blood on the trail. After Muir Beach and once onto Hwy 1, the traffic was busy and we rode North to where Coastal continues onward to Pantoll Ranger station. Crystal and Mike decided to head back and so Kerri, Rich and I took off up the trail.....

On the Coastal Trail looking East at Mt Tam.
Final destination......

Half-way to Pantoll, on one of the ridges, we encountered a grove of trees . After being in the sun all day, the shade was a welcome change. I had such a great ride. I felt inspired. Working hard but at the same time hardly working. You gotta love the SS like that. If you ride one you know what I'm talking about. If not, I would encourage you to "get on board". ok, nuff the kool aid....

Rich in the trees.

Rich and Kerri tearing it up.

Out of Water, we stopped for a short break at Pantoll Ranger Station. From there all we had to do was cut across Hwy 1, jump on Old Stage, and ride up Railroad Grade to Tam. So much fun. We Hit the snack bar at the top and I devoured a Coke and Banana Nut muffin, yum! For the route home, it would be down Eldredge Grade to Ross and home on the Pave'. Eldredge was rocky as usual and fast. Big fun. The long slog home on the road wasn't to bad. I'm loving the SS right now. Good thing too, as I have a race this Sunday...
Skyline Park is a race I've never done, so it will be interesting for sure. Geoff is signed up for it as well. This venue has hosted the World's MTB and is supposed to be a great course.

Chilling at Pantoll

What a great ride.

Live it up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome ride Nick (and great pics). The discussion is still going on re: how you finished this ride on a SS! Good fun and glad we ran into you two cats on the trail!

Good luck at your race this wknd!


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