Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big Fun

Top of Mt. Tam.
Distance: 70 km
Time: 4.5 hours
HR Avg: 126/ MAX: 179
Big ride on the SS today. I met up with Andy at the GGB parking lot around 9:30 and we had a fantastic ride.
Planned was: Coastal/ Valley Trail to Bobcat, cut across to Old Springs down to Tennessee Valley, then back onto Coastal up around Coyote ridge and down to Muir Beach. Once at M. Beach jump on Hwy 1 and head North till you can pick up Coastal and continue on to Pantoll Ranger Station where we could stop and take a rest.
The entire ride to this point was covered in low clouds and some fog while riding along the coast but once at Pantoll, which is located on a ridge was the breaking point for the clouds, no sooner had we sat down, that the sun was out and shining bright.
A Fox scurrying up Coastal Trail.
Chilling out @ Pantoll
After a short break we rode Old Stage/ Railroad all the way up to the top (E. Peak.) Coke and muffins we're devoured and we decided to come back down Railroad all the way back down to Hwy 1, then take Tenderfoot down to Mill Valley for coffee.
I was so stoked that on a Sunday afternoon, we had a clear run almost all the way down. Rarely do you get to reap the rewards for the days long climbs so entirely. Also, I hadn't ridden Tenderfoot in at least a decade-- it brought back lots of good memories. Fun indeed......
We hit MV for some espresso and hung out for a bit. I was pretty worked at this point and starting to get a little to comfy on the bench in the sun, it was time to go.
I returned home and had a good showdown on the way up to the bridge with some guys on road bikes. I held a constant pace all the way to the top and rode'em off my big 29er wheel.
Today-- Good day....
Dirt's not just for potato's... get out and ride.
Lunch of Champions.


Blogger isaiasjob said...

sounds like a killer ride! i'll probably do something like that on saturday...i know, I know you work saturdays, but I need at least a days rest before the Giro.

Oh yeah, you're suck a dork "dir's not just for potatos," that shite is a very dork way, but I like it ;-)

Blogger meh-wee-uhn said...

Best. Saddle. Ever.


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