Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sprints ahoy!

Today I did a double workout. Haven't done that in quite awhile. I rode this morning for 2 hrs and packed in some sprints/ speed work along the Embarcadero. I must be nuts but I love playing in traffic.

Had some lunch, finished up my final paper for English, went to school @ 4 and bounced @ 5. Got home @ 5:45, changed superman style and drilled it over to the Park sprints in GGP. I had never done the park sprints, so I thought I would meet up with Scott and give it a try (to my surprise Raymond was there too!) The ride out to the park ended up being a harder work out than the ride itself!

Never again...... Way to much traffic, rough roads, and other misc. obstacles. Great course however. Oh well.

I loves' me the Port ride...... For me the park is all about Cross.

See you Wed night!


Blogger isaiasjob said...

i gotta do me some double days as well. twice as much growth hormone in one day is good for muscular development.
you hittin' the weights at all this season?


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