Sunday, October 14, 2007

Better Horizons...

City by the Bay............

What a fantastic night tonight, it was so nice I left a wee bit early from work and shot out to do a Headlands loop. After the major debacle from the last 2 weekends of racing, it was nice to just be out riding, feeling good, and getting some kick ass weather to enjoy. I ran this morning for 30 min before work and decided that if I could break my PR time this afternoon up the Headlands, all the crap that's been happening lately is just that... crap.

Done deal... All uphill/ 2.9 km/ 9:09 min/ avg Pwr 321/ Hr 162 (8 sec. faster than previous and on my CX bike). At least I know my fitness is there I just need some things to come together, blah, blah ,blah......

Race Report Short List:

Pilarcitos Rd #2:

Not to good for me. I rolled a portion of my tubie before the biggest run up, stopped, popped it back on, and made to our pit-area and changed bikes. I then proceeded to drop my chain once a lap for the next 3 laps. It's past half-distance and I get lock-up cramps again in the left leg..

Yesterday I pulled off the tubies to re-glue. This was the section that rolled on Sundays race. Turns out the front had a small section as well that needed some attention too. At least I didn't scrub from the ordeal....

Even with 4+ coats of glue

Although not happy and got the DNF. Fuk....

Over all tho, a solid showing for the Scott/ Ritchey team. Keith went down south to Fresno and racked up a "W". Jesse did well to finish 7th and stay there for the overall. Tim moved into 17th and Nate and Cody rode strong in the B's as well. With my DNF, I tumbled down from 13th to 29th in the BASP standings...... Ugh

BASP # 2 "The stick"
L to R: Cody, Nate, Tim, Jesse, Nick

After a decent few early season results, I feel like I have hit a bit of a rough spot here in the last 2 weeks. The rest of the team has been steadily improving and it's great to see. I think once we hit the real meat of the season things will be going better for everyone. New teams have a "break in period" in any sport and ours is no exception. Given that... it been pretty good and can only get better.
I look forward to it.
Surf City!!!


Blogger velogirl said...

a good ride can make all your worries melt away!

here's to good races for you, Nick!


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