Monday, October 08, 2007

Super Prestige #1

Photo by: Steve Woo

Bay Area Super Prestige race #1
Teammates: Jesse and Tim
13th place/ 43+ starters

Well the 2007 feels like it is truly under way. The venue in Brisbane was pretty cool. I liked the crazy bowl section and the BMX jump. The triple barrier/ hill run up was challenging and fun.

The race went ok for me. I got a good start and avoided a few mishaps in the first half on the lap. The down side was I was so busy saying hi to people beforehand, I ended up with a 20 min warm up, maybe 3 laps. Um... ya. I usually need at least 45 min before I am feeling good to go. This left me in a good positon after the first lap but I had to recover and fell back a few spots. At this moment Jesse passed me and I tried to follow but couldn't.

A few min later things cleared out and I started to wind the pace up. For the first time ever, I used some tubulars (Vittora CX on Ritchey Protocal's) and with the field spread out with some running room, I started to get into a groove.


The tires were hooking up really well, tubulars for CX rule. I was pretty lucky cuz lots of people flatted tubies, including Jesse... 4 BAR= $$

I chased and battled my way back. I had Cody to chase and Jeremy to stay away from. In the end I gambled on taking it to the sprint with Cody one-on-one style... I mis-calculated the back marker variable and on the bumpy run to the finish, got held up a split second and was separated.... enough for 3 sec. Jesse ended up 10th, a fine place and a call-up for round two. Tim, on his first CX ride of the year and on a new bike, finished a bit down but will be flying in no time. . It turned into a fine race and a great day for the team.

Battling it out with Cody and Jeremy

Great to see Steve and the Acclerade booth at the race. Hanging out with new teammates and saying hi to friends is a great way to spend the afternoon. I think it going to be a great season for Cyclocross in Nor Cal. This is only my 3rd year (2nd in the A's) but it seems like there are more riders going quite fast, in lots of categories. Hooray for cross!

On the gas.....

We should have the new Scott/ Ritchey kits for this weekend. I believe the whole squad will be there (CCCX) and it should be a good time. I am going for the double with the NCNCA Cup #2 on Sunday in Sac. Ouch... that's a lot of driving but I have Monday off.... Ha!
We'll see how that turns out....


Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

with these sprinkles down here last couple days, conditions should be SWEEET for CCCX on Saturday.

can't wait!

Blogger velogirl said...

good to see you, if only for a brief minute. looking good, Nick! I think you'll have a great season.

Blogger isaiasjob said...

Nice finish hommie! You looked strong. Hmmm...beating you this year is shaping up to be a challenge ;-)


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