Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Having a blast in the warm up before disaster struck...

Felt great for the race, got a decent start and it went downhill real fast from there. I only made it about 2 min into the first lap and disaster struck. As I jumped up from the spill, I looked down at my knee and to my surprise, not a scrape,or deep cut. A big flap of skin hanging off my knee and much blood starting to ooze. Crap. I hate hospitals and the thought of stitches had me freaked out more than the injury! I jumped on my bike and rode one legged to the EMT tent and provided them with a big job. I have to give thanks for the on-site EMT's as they were very concerned and professional. Also a shout out to Rob who offered to drive me to the hospital. Most of all to my friend Mack who (drove me to Kaiser afterwards) was in the race also and finished 10th after battling it out with Aaron and Nick. Man it's hard to watch from the sidelines!

Well I hesitated to post the pics of my knee but after thinking about it figured I would share the horror. It looks a lot worse than it ended up being.... lucky for me. After a visual inspection in the ER @ Kaiser, my tendon was still attached and X-rays showed nothing broken. How this happened aside from me hitting a very sharp rock is beyond me. FREAK incident is the only way to describe it.

I have never gotten stitches before and now I have 23+. Interestingly enough It's been over 23+ years since I had to go get "repaired" and that was for a broken wrist after crashing my BMX bike in a failed jump/ stunt... oops

So... 2-5 days before I can bend the knee, 10-14 days to get the strings pulled, so If things go OK i might make it back to Prunedale for CCCX #5.... maybe.

For now, rest and Vicoden. I'm already able to walk around sans crutches and should go back to work tomorrow... Whopee!

If your squeamish don't scroll down.....


















After cleaning ready for needle and thread.....

My 3 ER staff people @ Kaiser were really nice and I flirted with the cute ER doctor to no end...

Why yes, she did have the magic touch, from hamburger to beautiful needle point...

Ready to go home.....


Blogger lauren said...

wow! what did you wack it on? is that from a barrier?

oh my goodness.

Blogger marscat said...


i just had to look.

Blogger velogirl said...

OMG! what's the number on your leg?

Blogger isaiasjob said...

that's some crazy shite hommie! Glad to hear there's nothing to permanent. Plus the rest will do you good and you'll come back even stronger!

Blogger scmtnboy said...

Ouch. I hope you heal up quick.


Anonymous morgan said...

Ah Nick, I didn't know about this. I saw you at the race, then I didn't. Hope it heals quick!

Anonymous brian said...

bummer man, get well soon!


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