Saturday, December 08, 2007

District Championships 2007

Ya... Good like that!

NCNCA District Championships @ Robertson Park, Livermore

Elite Men

Place: 12th

Great course, roadie friendly for sure. Flat, fast and a gi-normas stair run. Conditions were fantastic. Tacky sand/ mud, grass, sunny but cool.

I was flat even after a decent start. I'm not surprised. I have only ridden 3 hrs going into this weekend. Hopefully I'll have a better time of it for the BASP Final. Good to be out racing tho...

We'll see....

Google Earth- scary and cool at the same time ........
The course 1.8 miles.


Blogger velogirl said...

glad to see you're back out there. that mud looks yummy -- in a horsepoop kinda way.....have fun @ coyote point tomorrow.


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