Sunday, January 27, 2008

Awsome rain ride with the Fox

I rode out to Mill Valley and met up with Andy at Peets. We then rode up Railroad Grade to the top and barreled down Eldredge Grade to Phoenix Lake. We got a little rained on but not to bad. The temps stayed decent and I didn't freeze my nads off--

My total ride time ended up being 3:40/ 75 km avg HR 144. Good stuff. I am looking forward to the 2008 season. I'm planning on doing a bit more off road racing than last year. Big fun...

A happy Fox with Tam in the background....

Almost at the top. What a view!

OK time for the raincoat--and the fun part---the descent!

These boys do like playing in the dirt :)

Good time was had by all!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kiss - Love Gun

Just Because-

YUP KISS rules

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New year- new toys!

The new TT Rig is almost complete. Should be rolling in a few more weeks. New for 2008- I am planning to do as many TT Events as possible. It's shaping up pretty good so far.

Top of the morning.

Warm coffee,long early bike ride before work, no cars on the city streets, PRICELESS

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Storm Warning

The Scott/ Ritchey team in full effect....

CCCX #7 Final

Location: Ft. Ord

Place: 12th /// 10th in the Series Overall.

Week long storm warnings had it looking like it might be a wet' in wild' ride down south. The weather decided to give us a break last Sunday and the conditions were really pretty epic. Although at the same day camp area, the CCCX guys setup a really cool course for the final.

Tim and I got there with time to spare. We hooked up with Jesse and did some pre-riding of the course.
Fast and furious log dismount..

I had a decent day and placed 12th which moved me up into 10th overall for the series. I do feel that my fitness is coming back, to bad the CX season is winding down. I had an OK season given the injury and feel lucky to not have messed myself up any worse than turned out to be. Huge thanks to the entire "A" field and the CCCX / Pilarcitos crew for a great season of racing.
See you out on the road!

Proper way to end a series final!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Umm... Ya. What a day

Pic by Lorri
Start of the first wave----- San Bruno Hill Climb

I hadn't planned on going to this race, unless I got home reasonably early from the nights festivities. I did sort-of (@1am) and somehow managed to get out of bed by 8am. I pulled out the road bike and renewed my licence quick and dirty style on the Internet and ran out the door barley getting an espresso down.

I rode out to Brisbane through Downtown and did a nice TT down 3rd Street, all the way to Bayshore. I got there faster than I had thought, with time to spare! I had never ridden this race much less up the dam hill. I was't expecting anything great, I just wanted to finish and go ride for a few hours after.

I got off to a slow start and it took me awhile for the legs to open up. The pace was quick right from the go. I ended up in the wind alot and picked up the pace when I started feeling better just getting into the upper part before the park. It was there I started to reel-in and pass guys that had started to hard and were popping left and right. I kept up a good tempo alternating between out of the saddle and seated climbing. Not knowing the climb made it hard to manage when to tempo and when to turn it up.

There was a big turnout and the sun was shining. It was however, very windy and got worse as you neared the top. I don't know how I finished, just that I did....(uh just checked results, T19:02 good for 12th). The desent was a blast and the return trip on 3rd St. was on hit--hardly any traffic!

I went home quick and headed off to ride for a bit more, out to Corta Madera for some coffee. When it was all said and done, I ended up riding for 4 hours/ 100km.

Phew... Nap time....

Definitely the biggest New Years Day I've had in quite a while.

Good way to start 2008....