Sunday, January 27, 2008

Awsome rain ride with the Fox

I rode out to Mill Valley and met up with Andy at Peets. We then rode up Railroad Grade to the top and barreled down Eldredge Grade to Phoenix Lake. We got a little rained on but not to bad. The temps stayed decent and I didn't freeze my nads off--

My total ride time ended up being 3:40/ 75 km avg HR 144. Good stuff. I am looking forward to the 2008 season. I'm planning on doing a bit more off road racing than last year. Big fun...

A happy Fox with Tam in the background....

Almost at the top. What a view!

OK time for the raincoat--and the fun part---the descent!

These boys do like playing in the dirt :)

Good time was had by all!


Blogger isaiasjob said...


I'm dying to ride the old mountain bike. Been on the road a lot lately and am missin' the dirt. Plus the 29er needs some new dirt.


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