Sunday, January 06, 2008

Storm Warning

The Scott/ Ritchey team in full effect....

CCCX #7 Final

Location: Ft. Ord

Place: 12th /// 10th in the Series Overall.

Week long storm warnings had it looking like it might be a wet' in wild' ride down south. The weather decided to give us a break last Sunday and the conditions were really pretty epic. Although at the same day camp area, the CCCX guys setup a really cool course for the final.

Tim and I got there with time to spare. We hooked up with Jesse and did some pre-riding of the course.
Fast and furious log dismount..

I had a decent day and placed 12th which moved me up into 10th overall for the series. I do feel that my fitness is coming back, to bad the CX season is winding down. I had an OK season given the injury and feel lucky to not have messed myself up any worse than turned out to be. Huge thanks to the entire "A" field and the CCCX / Pilarcitos crew for a great season of racing.
See you out on the road!

Proper way to end a series final!


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you're flying! one legged and flying!


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