Monday, February 18, 2008

CCCX part 2

Round 2-- 3rd place
I went down to Ft. Ord again this last weekend for the CCCX #2 mtb race. I'll keep it short. It was a hard course, much longer than #1 and with a 1/4 mile + pavement drag which on the SS was a bitch. I got in front of Ceasar and Miles on the first lap but once on the pavement they both passed me rolling away.... I did some gear ratio research later and found out I was a bit short compaired to what they were running but I think with the knee rehab, It's all I can push at the moment on the hills. In the next few weeks I think I'll be able to put a bigger gear on, we'll see.....
This was the hardest race I can remember doing in a long while and I was really glad it was over. we went 4 laps and my time was 1:59? OUCH--Ya that like 2 back to back CX races!! Have to say that the bike is working great and getting better. I'm sure with some more time on it, the bike will get better.
Big thanks to CCCX (Keith and Rod) for a challanging course and the rest of the riders for showing up on what started out like a nice day and then turned into a dark and cold/ blustery afternoon....

Trying not to loose my lunch....


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