Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BHRR and other news.....

Whats left of the M1/2/3 field on I believe lap 3.... I'm tucked away in the middle (white helmet)

The registered field was 56 I think it ended up being more like something just over 40 guys. It has been 2 years since the last time I did this race and it was as a Elite 4 (3 laps). My track record with road races, no matter what category hasn't been that stellar. On the climbs is where I was suffering and getting popped in past races. Well, this year I decided to revert to "old school" Nick. When I rode my SS mtb in the late 90's I was a good climber especially for my size. This is the basis of my training this year. It seems to be working. I finished Wente RR and placed 23rd @ Berkley Hills. I stayed with the main group and think I would have finished with them if we hadn't gotten split with the E3 field. On the last lap a was in a group of guys (8-9) guys and we worked together well all the way down San Pablo Dam Rd. but once on the rollers the impetus had left the group. 23rd place is a small victory for me and confirms to me, that I am on the right track training wise. Cyclocross in only 5? months away ya know....

HR Data for Berkley Hills 158 avg--

On Wednesday I did a 4hr mtb ride out to Mt Tam. super hot temps and nobody out. I had the trails all to myself. after the beat down on Sunday I was surprised I felt as good as I did for this ride. My recovery time is improving! Maybe its all the extra veggies I ate this week? Who knows :)


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