Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mid week fun!

On Thursday I had planned to go to the port ride but then I heard about a new short track mtb series put on by Summit Bicycles up in San Rafael. I grabbed the Superfly and went to check it out. After the start up the hill in the picture here, It was a big hour glass shaped course around two peaks on the hilltops with a bumpy loose downhill, a long pavement climb and a shorter but very steep dirt climb. Technical and fast.

It was a cool vibe. Lots of kids and they seemed pretty stoked to be there. For the (A) group there was a decent turnout of 8-9 guys for a first time, grassroots series. The race is in a park that amoung other things--has a skatepark. Very cool! I might have to bring the board sometime and hit the bowls. I don't remember a time when there were so many choices for rides/ races in this area. I managed a 5th place and it was fun. Good times.....


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