Monday, June 30, 2008

All the jucy details....

Mass start of the; Pro/ Semi-pro/ P-Xpert SS/ Expert 19-34..

Location: Ft. Ord

Class: Pro/Expert SS

Sunday was the conclusion of the CCCX mtb series. I did the whole series and did reasonably well for my first time contesting it. Hard choices were to be made this last weekend. The Skyline race was on the same day as the final. To make matters worse, I heard that there was a chance to get an entry's to SSWC (top 3 in SS?)which will be at the same location in a few months.

I missed the reg deadline for SSWC so had written off getting in. With so much invested in the CCCX series I couldn't blow it off for a "chance" to get a ticket to the big show. I knew it would be a fierce battle and it was. There were 28 riders! Cameron won with a wicked time, good going champ!!

Anyway, I knew the best I could do was 3rd overall even if I won. Mark and Cesar were tied and whoever beat the other, would take the title. So really my job was simple. Follow the wheels and do little work. If I could hang until the last lap I would have a chance to win.

Things started out well enough with the huge mass start. Cesar. Mark and I settled into a 3 man freight train. The course was fast and rolley with some climbs, a few of them sharp, short kickers. We stayed together and I had the speed to hang with them.
Mark just out of the picture. Cesar and I.

After about 2 laps we started to pass and drop geared guys from the pro/ semi-pro/ expert field that we started with. I was surprised. We were really flying. Our avg speed for the race was 15+ mph/ for 2 hrs!

The race at this point, was fast and we kept catching and dropping guys. The laps were counting down. 4-3-2.... I'm still there and not having any issues. My confidence was building that I would be there for the finish. At least keep it close...... really close. On the close of the 5th lap I put my left foot out to dab for balance in a loose turn and I got a monster locking cramp in my hamstring!!! Ouch!--totally out of nowhere. I could not get my foot locked back in, much less pedal, so I had to stop for a sec, shake it off and walk for 20-30 meters. In the mean-time, the boys were not slowing down and a few geared guys we had just passed went past me :(

I re-mounted and soft pedaled for a bit--then my legs felt ok? I thought drink! Oops out of water... I blew thru 1.5 ltrs in under 5 laps. Guess I was thirsty... Crap- I hit hyper-drive and gave it everything to close the gap. I re-passed a few guys that had gotten in front of me when I was stopped, so I knew I was going well--again. At this point, I didn't think catching up was possible and was racing for time and some pride on the last lap. I had the best race to date for the series. You can see the effort I'm putting out in the pic below.

Going for it on lap 5...

Well I'm glad to finish the series. It was a lot of work, with driving etc.... A big thanks to the CCCX crew Rod and Keith, Rick for the awesome photo's! Mark and Cesar for showing me what it's all about (these guys are no joke!) and forcing me to raise my game. I enjoyed it all, especially the beer at the finish!

Although the series is over, my mtb season is far from done. I'll be out there, mostly on the SS but with a few outings on the Superfly as well.

CCCX MTB 2008 Pro/Expert single speed overall podium...

L-R: Greg G.(4th) / Nick H.(3rd) / Mark H.(1st) / Cesar C.(2nd) /Erik T.(5th)

Rod working away.... Thanks!

In the end all were happy!



Blogger linebrake said...

way to soldier through that whole long series nick! ...and you finished strong at that..!

you should just poach sswc along with everyone else. i got in because i was playing new daddy, sitting at home clicking submit at midnight on new years. regardless, i'm expecting a clusterfuck.


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