Monday, June 02, 2008

CCCX #7 Ft Ord

Central Coast Round #7
Pro/ Expert SS
3rd place

I was looking forward to returning to Ft Ord for Rd #7. I still had a grip on 2nd for the series and planned to just go for it from the gun. Both Mark and Cesar were present, it has been a good battle between the 3 of us for the most of the series. Up to this point they have been getting the better me although I did managed two 2nd places.

We lined up and got our own start this time. So I just drilled it up the pavement and onto the single track. I managed to stay in the lead for about 2 laps with only the duo on my wheel. I sat up and took a breather and it wasn't to long before I started to loose ground. My legs were all loaded up and not coming back quick enough. They put a small gap into me that I maintained for about another lap but with 2 to go (of 6 laps) they were out of sight.

Crap... Well I was taking a chance going from the gun but I need to try something. it didn't work but I ended up on the podium in any case so not so bad. There are 2 races left in the series and I will do everything I can to up the anty, especially for the final as it holds extra points.

Working hard!

On the solo chase..


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