Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warp-speed recon and burgers....

Final run on S-H-R to the dairy and the finish hill.

here are some pic's from my recon of the Spring Hill RR course. I am pretty wiped, the ride was good and I was stronger then I could have imagined. getting a little food poising earlier this week had me sit out the Port ride and rest up until yesterday. It was a good day.

The weapon of the day-- BMC. Loving this bike right now!

Nice hair.....
Ya.. really wishing I had brought more H2O and some food....

1940 Kcal later... Just rewards!!!

Coke (not diet) Swiss/bacon burger, curly fries and of course RANCH.. YA!


Mr. Powerfiles segment:

This is the second "hot" lap. I forgot my HR strap but kept it to steady/ hard breathing not maxed out. Almost completely in the big ring with varying wind and undulations/ rollers. For the whole ride including warm-up/cool down, it was T2:25 and 31kph avg...

37 km @ T 1:06

33.5 kph avg/ 243 wts avg @ 3.27 wts per Kg

Really a huge improvement and I can do better! Hope it's on Sunday.


Anonymous Dr. White said...

ooooohhh, ranch.... mmmmmmmmm.


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