Thursday, August 28, 2008

The drought has ended.. I hope

Big fun in a small package. This series is a blast. It's run on the Serrira Pt Crit course but run counter-clock wise.... so all lefty's ala track style and run as a points race. In the A's race we do 36 laps with points given out every 3 laps. Double points for 1/2 distance and the final sprint.
Last week I did the Port ride and this back to back and felt pretty good. However I went to hard on the first sprint and recovered to slowly from no warm up and ended up going a lap down. Although I won 3 sprints in the end and placed 2nd in points, I finished a lap down so was 6th overall.
This week I did port ride again but managed to get the warm up before hand and felt much better. I was in the mix from the flag (bullhorn) and fared well. I won 3? sprints and placed in a few others and ended up winning the overall. Yah! Finally a win after more than a year of sub-par results. My training plain has me getting up to max speed here in the next few weeks, to be ready for Cyclocross and I think it's working. It might not seem like much but it's a monkey gladly off my back.
Next up The Giro di SF!


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