Monday, September 29, 2008

Viva Las Vegas to CCCX #2

To tired to write much so here's a few pics from the week....

Monday setup madness...

Home for the week... TI not too shabby.

The kick-ass view from the crows nest at out booth.. PHAT!

Jesse, Nate and I were @ the CX venue early before our race (no results posted yet for cup race), to help with setup for the huge Scott/ Ritchey team area including Thomas and Florin. Both those guys were very nice.

Night racing is cool.. except when it's still 90 + degree's out and 0- humidity. Is that possible? Felt like it....

The strip early AM. Still hotter than hell....

Quick shot from last Sunday CCCX #2 /Ft Ord. Jumping logs on the mtb. CX bike was still in Vegas, back this week tho... Managed 13th in a packed field of 30? not bad on the monster truck ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Interbike 2008

Me and the Wooster

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cross vegas...

I've been on my feet for way too long. Let the suffering begin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Men in dresses...

Must be cross season!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Benicia Crit weekend

E3 was first up and after the CX race on Sat. I wasn't sure if my legs would be any good. They were pretty sore from the first CX race of the season, mostly from the running.

Well, the 3's race was not to fun, I felt so-so and while the course was cool. There was a nasty exchange of words from a rider who IMHO was out of line. He was trying to sneek up the gutter on the roller-back side and there was no room. He got shut out and then proceed to yell expletives at a friend of mine. Not one lap later he veered into him and it was getting out of control... What is it with the E3 field this year? it's been douche-bag central. Big egos and not a lot to show for it combined with poor racing.... My legs were spent at the end and I was planning to also race the Masters 1/2/3 so I coasted across the line some where mid-pack?

An hour later was the M 1/2/3 and this was, as expected-- a much better race. We rode @ least 2+ kph faster over the hill every lap. Pace was high and the riding while not perfect, so much cleaner. It's really making me not want to ride the E3 races anymore. In the end I was pretty tired and I lost touch with the front runners on the hill and managed to sprint into something like 24th? place, not sure.

Better way to end what started out as a negative day of racing. My teammate Gabe did great and might have broke the top 10... Impressive after also doing the CX race in Livermore as well... It was fun to race with Keith D. and Mtb legend Mark Weir...

Definitely a hard weekend of racing, I'm hoping to get a good race fitness boost out of it. We'll see... This Saturday is the SF Twilight Crit just a few blocks from my house. It will probably be the last road event for me as we head into the CX season....

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

LARPD #1 CX race

Photo by David P.

I hadn't planned on doing this race but got my shit together and headed out to what I knew would be a hot day of racing in Livermore. 100 Degree temps were forecast and at 10 am I was sweating just talking to people. It turns out we raced on a new course (no stairs). I really liked it. Lots of passing room and more wide open with lots of grass. Looks like the LARPD guys have stepped up their game. Good stuff!

I got a good start, about 5th--then after a few laps, moved up into 2nd? I felt OK but started to get a little dizzy out of the saddle and felt super parched. Geoff was doing hand-ups for Gabe and I after his great Masters race, thanks!! but I could feel my energy draining every lap.

With about 2 to go I thought about pulling out but I really wanted to finish so I did the best I could to keep it steady and bring it home. I slipped back a bunch to finish 8th. Not terrible but I know I could have done better.

I just hope I can bounce back enough to be ok for Benica crit Sunday. We'll see..

Cycocross season had officially started! Enough with the 100 degree temps huh!

Great for beer drinking not for racing....