Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting in the miles

I've been doing the work commute thing and logging longer rides on the weekends and it's been good. I had a full blow fit session at 3 D Bikefit and we changed alot of stuff. Wacky knee float- gone. Out of square hips.. -gone.

It's tough doing rides that would normally be a breeze even if out of shape, like I am but I am finally starting to feel the benefits of the new fit and can see the gains coming. If you are looking into getting fitted I highly recommend Kevin. Peep him out at 3D Bikefit.

More miles and good times to log before the season starts for me, hopefully in Feb.

See you on the road and dirt!


Anonymous Tarmac Ripper said...

What's up with this blog? It's hella boring!

Blogger Nick said...

It's true, I need to get back to updating. Maybe this comment will do it!


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