Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to get back on the Horse..

So it's been 2 years of no Cyclocross racing for many reasons, some good- some bad. I didn't really realize how much it meant to me until I caught a few races at the tail end of last year.

I've gotten a slow start to the road season which for me- is now done. I'm hoping this will have a good effect for CX. I'm motivated and am riding for a new (to me) local team, Dolore Grotta run out of Big Swingin Cycles in SF.

Finally got my new rig going as well..

I will do a mix of Elite A's and Master 35+ A's and I'm sure it's going to hurt bad..

This season... I'm up for it.

  See you out there!     Cross eyed and smiling....

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