Monday, October 10, 2011

Gotta start somewhere..

Well got it together Sunday for my first CX race and drove down to Manzanita Park. I have always raced well there. It has however dished out the most pain as well. 2+ years ago I piled it and blew my knee wide open requiring 27+ stitches to close it up again. It was tough lesson and the worst I had ever been hurt doing any cycling or motor cycle racing for that matter..

Fast forward few years later and that same dam turn dished out a painful reminder about racing CX.

I managed to pull myself off the ground.. twice. Yes twice, in the same turn..  and finish in 18th. All things considered not a terrible finish. I felt strong toward the end and wasn't thirsty which is a good indicator of fitness. About 3 other guys came to the aid tent right after me because of the same turn. It was a tough one.

I'll do some running this week with some intervals thrown in and things will improve. I'll only will get better from here.

My best friend for a few days...


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