Monday, August 27, 2012

 Lions Gate Bridge sure does look a lot like the Golden Gate Bridge...

 Well, I haven't posted in awhile and a lot has changed. I'm now living in Vancouver Canada.(Maybe change the name to Velo in Vancouver?? ) It's pretty nice and I have been meeting all kids of really nice people. I have been finding the cool group rides and getting a sence of the race secene as well. I have missed the road season for the most part but CX is coming so I may jump in and get a bit dirty!

I'm also waiting for our stuff to be retrieved from storage to our new place so I can get my MTB because the riding here is supposed to be just plain incredible. Pic's to follow.

My adventures / rides should be showing up in my Strava feed in the sidebar. Any questions or suggestions about the riding up here give me a shout.

A new chapter begians for Ella and I,  it's all very exciting-