Monday, July 17, 2006

Aww.... The Foam Roller!

What a difference a piece of foam makes. I wish I had gotten turned onto this thing month's ago. I recommend it highly. It's your "on call" M.T.

No racing for now until Timpini (4 weeks), just focusing on work, resting, and some fun weekend rides. This last weekend was good in that I ended up feeling better after the weekend instead of still sore and recovering. I think I will be in good shape for the coming CX season. It's only about 8 weeks away. I have started setting up the CX bike and I can't hardly belive it's here already.

Looking back on the racing so far this year I've had a great season, and the team has also done extremely well. As a "team" Fusion has already placed on the podium something like 21 times! 4 of those wins..............

...................not bad for our small team.


Blogger isaiasjob said...


So what's the story with the foam roller? Can you fit that whole thing in your ass ;-)

I'm planning to do the Watsonville Crit this weekend. It's in my home town and I'll be in town visiting my Ma, so I thought why not! Then I only need 2 more races to move into the 4's.


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